Bittman Veganized – Day 1

24 Feb

The Original Menu:

Blueberry smoothie
Whole grain toast

Lunchtime caesar salad with shrimp

Brown-Bag Popcorn with sesame shake

stuffed chicken Breasts with Pan-Grilled corn
steamed asparagus with Olive Oil Drizzle
Wild rice

Lemon sorbet

Veganized (Kinda):

Wake Up Smoothie (SB Ultimate) – a great smoothie with soy yogurt, orange juice, blueberries, banana, wheat germ and flax seeds)
Toast with EarthBalance
Teeccino with soy creamer

Was supposed to be a vegan Caesar salad with focaccia croutons but I got lazy and had a vegan burrito from Boloco instead (is COLD in Boston!). My fav way to have a burrito is whole wheat tortilla, brown rice, black beans, tomato salsa and guacamole..YUM!

Herbed popcorn

Vegan Caesar Salad (one of the best dressings ever!! From Tal Ronen’s “The Conscious Cook” – I want to put it on everything!!)
Naked Chik’n cutlet* with fennel and dried cherry stuffing (recipe forth coming)
Green Beans and pine nuts sautéed in grape-seed oil
(Had rice made but wasn’t hungry for it)
White Wine

Rice Dream Mint Carob Chip Ice cream

*Currently I am using Quorn naked chik’n which is not vegan. Quorn contains egg whites. I am currently petitioning my local Whole Foods to start carrying Match Meats but in the meantime am compromising as this is the only naked veggie meat available to me. Hopefully things will change soon!

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