Ditching Dairy/Kickstart Day 11

14 Jan

My (Almost) Vegan Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Toasted Oh’s with soy milk; WholeSoy strawberry yogurt

Lunch: Leftover missing egg salad sanwich; potato leek soup; 1/2 apple; water

Dinner: Leftover chickpea BBQ on whole wheat toast; leftover kale; water

Dessert: Hot chocolate with Bailey’s* and two ginger cream cookies

*Day 11’s Whole Life Action Plan assignment was to reintroduce dairy so I decided to do my dairy test and had the Bailey’s.  I definitely cannot tolerate dairy.  Before the Bailey’s I felt satisfied from dinner but still sort of “clean” inside.  Just good.  After the Bailey’s my stomach felt heavy and bloated and started making funny noises.  My stomach has always made these noises and I thought it was just a part of digestion until I started cutting out dairy and stopped experiencing this.  Now I know it was always lactose intolerance!  After about 30 minutes I also started hurting. I slept poorly, waking up when I moved due to sharp pains in my side and when I woke up this morning (late because of my terrible night’s sleep) I was still in major pain…no more dairy for me!!!

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