Clean, Green and Vegan/Kickstart Weekend

10 Jan

One of this weekend’s Whole Living assignments was to green your cleaning with either environmentally safe products or DIY products.  Of course, I took it a step further and started veganizing my cleaning products.  I am going DIY for the most part by using vegan castile soap and white vinegar for as much as possible.  Otherwise I will be using Method or Seventh Generation products.  More on this later in the week.

I also attended my very first Boston vegan meetup.  I have mixed feelings about this group as some of them are very intense and such strong advocates that they won’t patronize non-vegan restaurants, clothiers (if they can avoid it) or even purchase vegan food products if they are produced by a non-vegan company (i.e Silk is a product of Kraft, etc.).  For me that is just a little too much and while I can’t say I’ll never be that way (a year ago I would not have thought I’d be an aspiring vegan in 2011) it is certainly not conducive to my current lifestyle.  I mean to not go out to eat with my friends because they are omnivores? Not gonna happen!  As much as I want to do everything possible to not be a part of animal exploitation I don’t want to limit my ability to live a full and joyful life with lots of varied experiences.  I am interested in hearing other vegan’s perspectives on this subject though.

Saturday: My (Almost) Vegan Meal Plan

Breakfast: Blueberry Pancakes with glass of soy milk; Teeccino with soy cream

Lunch: Pita spread with hummus; green olives; tofu “feta”; water

Dinner: Curried Lentil Soup; Last of Hoppin John Salad; Red Wine

Dessert: Graham crackers* with soy milk

*Not vegan as they contain honey.  Where do you get vegan graham crackers anyway?


Sunday: My Vegan Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Biscuit with Earth Balance; Teeccino

Dinner: Polenta Crostini – Grilled polenta topped with sauteed mushrooms, tomato and herbs (recipe forthcoming); Sauteed Kale drizzled with balsamic vinegar; red wine

One Response to “Clean, Green and Vegan/Kickstart Weekend”

  1. Anna C January 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Just seen your new vegetarian blog, I was a follower of EuroChic.

    Good on you! Like you, I am vegan curious, and (albeit with many lapses) have been more or less vegan for 6 years. I lapsed last year, determined to start again in 2011 and be a real and proper vegan.

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