Reclaiming Bedtime/Kickstart Day 4

7 Jan

I have always been an early to bed kind of gal.  Getting into bed at 10:00 is usually not a problem for me but two weeks off of work, going to bed at 11 or 12 o’clock and sleeping in until 9 or 10am has gotten me off my sleep schedule of 10pm to 7am.  Last night I went to bed at 12:15am! As a result I awoke after 8am and was 30 minutes late for work…oops.

So I am reclaiming bedtime!  For Day 4, I followed my usual habit of washing my face, brushing my teeth and putting on my pajamas around 9:30 and then turned down the covers on my bed, started my fan and turned off the light by 10:00.  I am one of those people that will fall asleep 15 minutes into a movie so I always put on a movie just before turning out the light.  For me it works every time!

How to set up your own sleep schedule:

1. Determine the time that you need to wake up in the morning to get what you need to get done and be in the office on time.  Then, count backwards from that time to the time you need to be in bed to have your required number of hours of sleep.  This is different for all people.  I personally function best on 9 hours and can become physically ill if I go without those 9 hours for too many days in a row. Only you know what works best for you. Once you have established your bedtime its time to cultivate a routine to help train yourself to stick to it:

2. Thirty minutes before bedtime start by “getting ready for bed”.  Wash your face, brush your teeth, take a bath or shower if you need to and put on your pajamas (or a robe if you prefer to sleep in the buff :-D).

3. I highly suggest “unmaking” your bed and turning on your fan or any other white noise machine that you may use to help you sleep at the same time every night. This can be done just before or after step 2.  Even if you don’t plan to immediately crawl into bed, this action tricks your brain into thinking “bedtime”.  I also love just knowing that my crisp, clean sheets and comforter are all ready and waiting for me to snuggle into them!

4. Have a little hot tea, hot chocolate (laced with brandy perhaps?), a small bit of straight brandy or a couple ounces of wine to help make you drowsy.  You can have this while lying in bed and reading or while watching a little television (no news! You don’t want stress before bedtime).  Make sure you don’t consume too much alcohol as it can disrupt your sleep. A couple of ounces is usually all you need.

Please Note: If you are one of those people who are too stimulated by television avoid it after your ideal bedtime and just read quietly in your bedroom…read War and Peace if that is what it takes.

5. Follow these steps religiously for 21 days (it takes 21 days to form a habit).  Within that time frame your body should become accustomed to the routine and will start telling you when its time to sleep!


Day 4 Vegan Menu Plan

Breakfast: Whole Grain Toasted Oh’s with black berries, blueberries and soy milk; teeccino with soy cream

Lunch: Whole Wheat burrito with rice, black beans, tomato salsa and guacamole; too much caramel popcorn (gift from my boss); water

Snack: Carrot and 1/ 2 Apple

Dinner: Leftover “meat”loaf (Skinny Bitch)* with mashed potatoes and kale; red wine

Dessert: none

*This recipe calls for Gimme Lean ground beef style and while I love the sausage style I was not impressed with this product.  It tasted chemically to me and I will not be using it again. I may try another brand or even better make the recipe with black beans.  Aside from the chemical flavor of the Gimme Lean this was very tasty!

One Response to “Reclaiming Bedtime/Kickstart Day 4”

  1. Nicole January 10, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    Oh gosh, I NEEDED this post! Thank you! I truly need to fix my sleep schedule.

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