8 Nov

So it does not taste like Jim’s Organic Jo Jo’s Java, but it is still very tasty. They have several flavors but the only basic coffee flavor that my local WF had was the Mediterranean Original.  It smells a bit like herbal tea which scared me at first as I do not like herbal tea but does taste more like coffee.  Warm and rich and little chocolaty it reminds me of Maxwell House’s Suisse Mocha Cafe Coffee Drink…my first ever taste of a coffee like beverage and one my mother still keeps on hand for dessert (and yes, at her place I do indulge in this artificially flavored coffee).

I am quite happy with this beverage and will continue to drink it in place of coffee at home. It gives me the same experience as coffee which is to have a warm, creamy (but not as sweet as hot chocolate) beverage to have with my morning toast.

It looks as though I will have to do some online ordering though as there are other flavors that I would like to try – Pumpkin Spice! Yum!

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