Definitely NOT a Vegan Weekend!

8 Nov

I started off really well!!  Vegan pancakes (recipe courtesy of Eat, Drink and Be Vegan) for breakfast with sliced banana and maple syrup and a cup of Teeccino; lunch of leftover Sheppard’s Pie and a “Foodanthropy” dinner party at a friend’s home.  Foodanthropy is a dinner event where everyone contributes $20 (or more) and gets a home-cooked meal. Once the food costs are taken care of the rest is donated to a particular charity. This month we are supporting East Meets West which helps combat sex trafficking of Vietnamese women and children as well as provides clean water and sanitation to various parts of Vietnam.  Our dinner was, of course, Vietnamese and included a wonderful veggie and glass noodle salad,  glass noodle wraps – some with prawns and some with just the veggies, a tomato and pine nut stew and a savory beef and veggie stew (which I did not partake of).  Dessert was bananas in coconut milk over ice cream.  I skipped the ice cream and just had the bananas and coconut milk.  There was also lots of wine involved!

I also did some shopping on Saturday and stocked up on fruits and veggies, tofu, Ghirardelli hot cocoa and almond milk (first time purchasing and must say I am quite pleased!  I like this much more than the soy milk and will be sticking to it).  With my newly stocked fridge I was able to try a tofu scramble recipe (courtesy of How it All Vegan) Sunday morning which was tasty and filling.  I ate this with naan and sliced tomato along with a cup of Teeccino.  Lunch was more leftover Sheppard’s Pie and 1/2 and apple.

Sunday’s dinner was where it all went wrong!!  However, I did KNOW that I was not going to have a Vegan Sunday evening as I signed up for mac-n-cheese night before deciding to become a vegetarian.  The hostess was happy to make up vegetarian versions of the two recipes that we were cooking.  This is an event where the hostess finds the recipes and does the shopping and then everyone contributes food funds and helps in the kitchen.  First up we made a truffle cream mac-n-cheese using truffle butter, sour cream, white cheddar and asiago.  The second was a yellow cheddar with bacon (I had a smaller version without the bacon).  The truffle cream won hands down! It was the kind  of dish that may keep me from ever being able to fully give up cheese.  We also had salad with green apple and fennel, bread and lots of white wine!


2 Responses to “Definitely NOT a Vegan Weekend!”

  1. Deborah November 9, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Could you please give the brand of almond milk? Can it be easily found in a supermarket or in a Whole Foods or Trader Joes (which is not conveniently in my area)? Thanks, and I really admire your effort to go vegan; certainly a major lifestyle and social change.

    • eurochic November 9, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

      Deborah, I purchased the Whole Foods 365 brand this time…I have read that Almond Breeze is the best tasting so I think I will give that a try next.

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