Daily Dose

21 Apr

Texas Responds to MFA video on abused dairy cows…


Daily Dose

20 Apr

Yet another reason not to support the meat industry…

Aid the animals of Japan…

Cause every girl needs a great handbag…

22 Mar

In addition to being on the constant hunt for great vegan shoes I am also looking for great handbags.  And finding them!

I recently purchased this handbag from English Retreads and LOVE it!! It’s perfectly classic but with a rock in roll twist as its made of recycled tires (even smells like ’em)!  Its not large enough to carry if I need to change shoes but otherwise is the perfect size.

And then there is this wonderful bag from Bees’Netta
I love red handbags!!  When I saw this I just had to have it!  The size is great…large enough for a pair of shoes, book and all the essentials and the material is as supple as the best leather.  I also love the interior which is good quality canvas and there is a great navy/white stripped detail in the interior zipper pocket. Lovely! I will definitely be patronizing Bees’Netta in the future.

Daily Dose

16 Mar

The High Cost of Cheap Chicken (It ain’t just about the animals y’all)…

Doctors Speak Out Against Animal Testing…

Your Diet vs. The Rainforests….

What about plants, you say?…

Fabulous Vegan Shoes!

16 Mar

Who says Vegan shoes can’t be fabulous!!

Faux Suede 4 1/2″ platforms – not for walking long distances but a pair of ballet flats in my handbag takes care of that!

All Man Made – 3 1/2″ heels – Can’t wait for warmer weather!!

Bittman Veganized – Day 3

16 Mar

The Original Menu:

Breakfast couscous with roasted Vegetables

Salade niçoise with Mustard Vinaigrette
Hybrid Quick Bread

Banana smoothie

Bean and Vegetable chili
Brown rice
fresh tomato salsa

nutty Oatmeal cookies


Millet with dried fruits, agave nectar and soy milk

Red Potato Salad with Black Nicoise Olives and tofu feta (Pictured – Another yummmy dish from Skinny Bitch Ultimate – I am SO buying this cookbook!)
Slice of Focaccia

Basic Smoothie (Skinny Bitch Ultimate – a yummy smoothie made with yogurt, strawberries, orange juice, banana and protein powder)

My Favorite Chili (Pictured – C’est La Vegan) w/Better Than Sour Cream and Diaya Cheddar Cheese

Oatmeal, Walnut and Dried Plum Cookies (The Kind Diet)

It Starts With Your Plate

16 Mar

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AdfKUQI%5D